Turning a Hobby Into Extra Income

Updated: Nov 24

Ever since I was in high school, I’ve always been looking for ways to create multiple streams of income.

My thought is that I’d like to have several income sources as opposed to solely relying on just one.

While having a day job, I make time outside of work to see how I can make additional money during my own time.

Having a business mindset is something I got accustomed to over time as I grew older.

I got a ton of influence from those who have successfully impacted their respective industries with their businesses like Bobby Kim with his streetwear brand, The Hundreds, and Rhuigi Villaseñor with his fashion brand, Rhude.

As my interest peaked, I picked up and read through Vogue magazines that were laying around my house.

In addition I started to read about the lives and stories of many fashion designers like Alexander Wang, Yohji Yamamoto and Alexander McQueen.

It was in high school when I started to learn about the world of fashion.

And not just getting into buying clothes that I like cause I enjoyed shopping, but getting familiar with how and why a certain piece of clothing is made and why people fall into certain trends.

There's something unique and special about our ability to express ourselves through clothes.

Every garment is sourced and made differently and there's so many variations of outfits we can make with clothes.

Soon enough it became natural for me to spot and identify new fashion trends. Later I decided designing some things on my own and bought a sewing machine.

I incorporated things like bandanas and zippers into my designs and started to sell them.

I then designed a logo and got a wholesale company to embroider it on hats for me, which I gave out to friends and sold to random people who came across my Big Cartel site.

Nevertheless, designing is hard and I wasn't great at sewing. I found an easier method of monetization though which was reselling.

It seemed that I was pretty good at picking out fashion trends and knew what clothing items people liked in that period of time.

I’d go to thrift shops and shop the clearance section of department stores or fashion E-commerce sites to find brands or pieces of clothing that I felt were underpriced and then sell them for a higher price that I thought people were willing to pay.

The key was to find clothes that were underpriced.

Browsing through the fashion side of social media and looking through online fashion websites, like Vogue, aid me in the process.

It’s been about 5+ years since I started reselling and I can definitely say that it’s been a generous source of side income by doing only about 2-3 hours of work a month.

It doesn’t take much time and effort and the time and the time and effort that I’m putting in is all enjoyment anyways.

The platform I utilize is Grailed, a fashion marketplace for men and women where you can buy and sell new/used clothes.

Starting a store on your own is difficult, but they provide you the opportunity to open one with flexibility in setting your own prices and open architecture in terms of getting your listings seen.

Ever since the past 2 years it’s been netting me an average of $100-$200/month of extra money going into my pocket. This is even factoring in shipping costs and commissions paid to Grailed.

The beauty is that I’m able to monetize a hobby that I love, while still having my main sources of income.

Bottom line is that if you’re passionate about something and want to make money off of it, you’ll find a way to make it work.



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