4 Styles I'll Be Wearing This Upcoming Summer

Updated: Nov 24

2022 Summer Trends

All aspects of fashion including design, styling and trend analyzing, have played a huge role in shaping who I am now.

Its ever-changing nature and creative demeanor are what enticed me into learning and researching the different elements within fashion.

One aspect that I’m intrigued with is analyzing the ongoing trends in styles and deciphering what is trending now and forecasting what might be trending in the various seasons. It’s also a big influence on how I dress myself and pick out my styles throughout the year.

It’s not limited to, though, the design of a garment, but all the way down to the clothing seams. Apart from the design is the silhouette, fabric, material and color that make up a garment as all of these things tie into what is a trending item.

Here are some unisex styles I picked out that I’m going to be wearing, are trending now or I think will be trending this summer:


Air it Out

Not only is mesh a breathable fabric that can keep you cool in the summertime, it’s also highly versatile and gives off an edgy look as you wear it over tees and tanks.

It’s a great over-piece and the orange on this Mesh Crew makes it a great standout piece, paired w/ an all black color scheme.

This style has been a relatively newer trend, nevertheless it does come and go as I look back at the days in high school sporting the brand Blvck Scvle and their Mesh Jerseys.


The Lighter the Better

Nylon has been a longstanding contender in the fashion industry and can always be a staple in one’s wardrobe.

Although it’s been popular, I felt like adding in the lightweight material since nylon pants have become a fad as of late.

The baggy silhouette and cargo design adds a 90’s aura to the outfit, which has been storming fashion recently.

It just so happens too that the “zip-off” detailing fits in perfectly for the season.


Forget the Sleeves

The sleeveless look is a trending style that I personally fancy. Sweater vests are beginning to become popular, especially in the fashion world from the Asian descent.

Soon I believe everyone will be taking their dad’s favorite Ralph Lauren Vest from his closet.

It’s a look that can be dressed both up and down and you can even see the model pairing it with athletic pants.

Not just sweaters vests though, sleeveless t-shirts are also starting to hit wardrobes.


Ugly & Sporty

Ever since the “Dad Shoe” trend took off in the fashion industry, everyone's been looking for sneakers that resemble the New Balance 993 silhouette.

I’m an advocate of this style as most of the design of these types of shoes compliment loose fitting pants and shorts well.

Expect to see an abundance of these this summer in all colors.


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