3 Reasons To Start Your Own Website

Updated: Nov 24

Honestly, it isn’t easy to create and design a website from scratch. After starting my own, I had anticipated it to be fairly simple, but it's far from that.

It takes a ton of time, patience and effort.

I've watched plenty of videos on how to start a website when I first started out. Most of those who had successful websites mentioned how easy it was for them to monetize and design theirs.

That's not usually the case though.

It required them a substantial amount of work to obtain sufficient traffic.

And if you don’t have website design experience, the editing is what you’ll be working on the most. At least that's how it is for me.

I realized though that the intended outcome was different for me.

Initially, one of the most difficult components of creating a site is deciding why you’re even doing it.

I figured it didn't hurt to have one and thought that the the goal was to eventually be able to monetize it.

And although I was able to get started making some money off of it, the greater value came from the credibility it provided me.

I was able to discover and hone in on a specific topic, finance, which is the industry I have professional experience in.

Those around who have stumbled across Type-A Social have already given me a ton of positive feedback as well as those whom the site was shared to that I don't know even know.

Most commonly I've been told that I'm able to explain financial concepts simply and they turn to my content to learn from.

It's built my credibility given my profession.

I also gained recognition from prominent financial-related companies that I now partner with.

Here's how you can use your own website:

Utilize it as a Marketing Platform

We all have some form of social media whether it’s: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, etc and they’ve all become great marketing tools.

Nowadays it’s important to keep all your different marketing platforms interconnected.

Having your content and your socials placed onto a website adds an extension to your list of creative mediums.

It’s a way to diversify your marketing strategy and increase your social presence. Even something like a landing page can be beneficial.

Use it to provide value by communicating your skills, promoting your brand/product and delivering your knowledge.

Once my website was placed in my social media bios, emails and other forms of digital communication, I noticed an influx of traffic entering my different mediums.

I’m in no way an expert in social media marketing, but I can definitely say that my presence has boosted as well as my content engagement.

Showcase Yourself and Your Work

Make it your portfolio.

For some professions, including design, art, photography and other creative fields, you can stand out by creating a website that showcases the work you’ve accomplished.

In general though, it could be beneficial to showcase whatever it is that you do for people to see, no matter your profession.

For example, if you’re a doctor in the medical field, you publish a blog where you write about medical terminology and how you perform your practice.

This provides extra value to you as a doctor and lets you stand out from the rest.

Given you have extra time, take advantage of it to progress yourself and to grow your practice.

Especially if you’re able to optimize for SEO, people around the world can stumble upon your portfolio, creating more opportunities for you.

Monetize it to Make an Income Stream

There's different ways you can monetize a website.

For a blog, you can implement affiliate marketing or ad placements.

Turn it into a store if you have a product to sell.

Another popular method is to create a landing page. This is a single page that is used to generate leads, and eventually, sales.

Usually the site’s purpose is to direct the viewer to download or sign up for a specific product, event or email list; leads → sales.

For those who wish to add to their list of creative mediums, who want to increase content engagement and who have spare time, I suggest creating your own.

It pays off not just monetarily, but purposefully.



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